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  • A Message from Our Founding President

    After more than 45 wonderful years, I am retiring as president of Consumers’ Checkbook. I want to thank you for your support and for helping to create a marketplace that works for all.

  • Dentists to Smile About

    If you’re in the market for a new dentist, our ratings will help you find a top tooth doc.

  • Best Vet Bets

    Ratings of area practices for quality and price to keep your furry friends’ tails wagging—and your finances from sagging.

  • Read Before Remodeling

    How to hire and work with a contractor to score a hit home makeover.

  • Solar Energy Systems

    Here’s a rundown of options, how to pay for your project, how to find an installer, and energy savings you can expect.

  • Electricians

    These ratings may shock you!

  • Made in the Shade

    Use our ratings of local tree care services to find a great branch manager.

  • The Fight for Your Right to Repair

    Manufacturers of vehicles, electronics, appliances, and more are making it tough for independent shops and DIYers to make repairs.

  • Help with Planning a Funeral

    This article reviews the many choices you have when a loved one dies, plus ratings of funeral homes and advice on how to deal with one.

  • A Smart Guide to Estate Planning

    Here are some basic dos and definite don’ts that will save you hassles and money—and avoid common mistakes.

  • Buying Diamonds

    Ready to rock? Here’s how to get a sparkling deal.

  • Driving the Best Tire Bargain

    If it’s time to replace your treads, we’ve got the score on how to buy the best replacements at the lowest cost, including price comparisons of suppliers.

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