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Consumer from POTOMAC, MD
Oct 20, 2017
Have bought 2 Mazdas
Consumer from SILVER SPRING, MD
Mar 28, 2016
Not Recommended
This is now Ourisman Mazda Volkswagen. I put this story here and also on the Ourisman of Rockville page since you do not see their repair shop listed independently.

Recently (March 2016) I took my MX-5 to Ourisman because the check engine light was on. My regular mechanic said he did not want to deal with a neutral safety switch problem so take it to the dealer. The car was tested, the neutral switch and a reverse switch - the latter discovered to be broken - were ordered on next day delivery. It did not come the next day so the car was kept a second night, necessitating a loaner car, which is a big deal in terms of inconvenience to my family. Service and Mazda parts are always expensive.

Here's is my major complaint. While they had the car, they said it was dripping wet all over the chassis from front to back from several leaks that they could not tell where they were coming from. They wanted $115 to clean the engine and the chassis so they could then look for leaks. I said no, and I took the car to my regular mechanic, Moshe's Auto Repair, a couple of days later. He put the car up on the lift right in front of me. On a day where it was raining when I drove the car to Moshe, the chassis was not wet from front to back. With a flashlight, he identified 3 small oil leaks that he showed me directly. He said they were minor, which I had suspected because I never saw any dried oil spots on the street where I park the car, and said that all Mazda's develop oil leaks. He recommended not repairing them now because they posed no immediate operational threat to the engine. He also related a story where he had repaired a leak on a different model Mazda and it came back within 6 months. I do not expect a dealership to say that all these Mazda's develop oil leaks, but I do not expect to be deliberately mislead as to the severity of the problem.

The take home message here I think is that if you really need the dealership to repair your car for whatever reason, then you are stuck. If it is something that a good, reputable auto mechanic can deal with, then go with them every time. I have direct visual proof of my own that the condition of my car was greatly exaggerated to me over the phone.
Consumer from GAITHERSBURG, MD
Aug 17, 2012

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