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Consumer from Hyattsville, MD
Jun 14, 2017
Not Recommended
They never called us back about coming out to give us an estimate
Consumer from FALLS CHURCH, VA
May 12, 2015
We recently hired Tabor Design Build to remodel our master bathroom. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and was told I was a candidate for hip replacement. I was struggling to stand up in the shower long enough to get fully washed and simply could not get in and out of the bathtub without serious pain. I sorely missed my relaxing bubble baths that so totally de-stressed me. I called Tabor and was able to speak with a designer right away. Within days, Heather & Jeremy came to talk with us about our needs and take a look at our existing space. Heather was extremely informed about various fixtures and amenities that are specifically designed for people with physical challenges. She suggested replacing our old tub with a “walk-in” tub with therapeutic water jets and a built-in water heater. She also had other suggestions like building an enlarged shower separate from the tub and adding a seating bench, installing a hand-held shower and slider bar for adjusting the height of the shower spray, and replacing the old toilet with a combination toilet/bidet. Once she and Jeremy designed the bathroom with everything we wanted, we visited the Tabor office in Rockville and they showed us our virtual bathroom on a large computer screen. We were able to choose from various options and were able to actually see what various versions of our bathroom would look like before we eventually decided on a look and style that we loved. Before the work began, John asked all of the contractors to come to our house on the same day, so he could get exact prices for the work we planned to have done. We were also able to meet all of the contractors who would be working in our bedroom before any work was performed. If we had a reservation about anyone on the construction team, we could have alerted John before the project began –saving us both the stress and complications that go along with discovering you don’t trust the electrician or the plumber when you’re in the middle of a project and the bathroom’s torn apart. Because of John’s pre-planning, he was able to give us an exact budget –that came in to the penny without any dickering over the cost once the work was already underway. He also provided us with a project calendar, which identified exactly what part of the project was being completed and which contractors we could expect in our house on which day. This projection also turned out to be on the mark –with work completed exactly on the day he said it would be. Don, our project manager did a great job keeping me informed of what was going on and checking in with me on a daily basis to make sure everything was okay. I had initially called Tabor to find solutions to my physical challenges –but I got so much more that I had not anticipated. Our new bathroom is beyond beautiful. Not only are the new replacements very functional for someone with limited movement, the room is like walking into a piece of art. The flooring in particular is simply exquisite –with a spirally design of small polished stones flowing through the most beautifully patterned marble. It is nearly seven months later and I cannot stop walking into my new bathroom, just to admire it. It has become my sanctuary!
Consumer from SILVER SPRING, MD
Mar 09, 2015
Not Recommended
We had two major projects done by Tabor Design Build. As their name indicates, there are two distinct phases for each project. The design phase involved meetings at their office where a designer used 3-D technology to put together the plans for the two projects. We were able to see how the finished products would look and the system allowed for moving things around, such as walls and cabinets. This phase was very satisfactory and we believed that the projects would be smoothly implemented. We were mistaken.

According to the TBD brochure and verbal assurances, this was to be a stress-free experience. We were told that we could relax and they would take care of everything. But this was not possible, because that would have meant not dealing with a host of issues that we, not they, identified. Had we not pointed out problems, the final results would have been far less satisfactory than they turned out. It was often quite stressful. Tabor’s brochure states that what sets them apart are “commitment, daily communications, and accountability.” With the two projects they did for us, at least, they did not come close to living up to these principles. The first project was rebuilding and expanding a screened in porch and renovating the attached deck. A relatively new material, Azec, was used for the floor boards, railings and posts. We learned at the end of the project that the carpenters were not Tabor employees. We were not informed of this when the work began. The TBD crews were on other jobs, so they subcontracted the work. This may explain why the lead carpenter hardly communicated with us as he was supposed to. My communication was mostly with the project manager, but he often was not on site. We were also later informed that this was the first time the crew had worked with Azec materials. A common problem was that there were visible gaps where horizontal railing attached to the posts. I never observed the crew replace a single piece of railing due to a gap. After the first project was done, Tabor moved on to the next one. We pointed out many problems with the porch and deck yet fixes were done only when the carpenter had time to do them. John Tabor, the owner, pointed out that the railing-post gaps were within written guidelines. Well, that may be the case, but we did not spend $68,000 on a porch and deck only to get “within guideline” results. Although some caulking was done to hide the gaps in the porch, there remain many visible gaps on the deck. With some of the imperfections, John and the project manager did not initially acknowledge there was a problem. For example, the screen door was crooked and everyone – except Tabor employees - noticed that as soon as they saw it. Yet it took weeks of reminders and numerous attempts before the door was straightened. We are pleased with the overall appearance of the porch and deck. But way over a year since “completion,” we are still waiting for defects in workmanship to be corrected. Because the old porch was dismantled, new gutters had to be installed. But instead of the leaf guard gutters we previously had on the porch and the rest of the house, open gutters were put on. I pointed out that this was going to cause leaf buildup which is what we had been avoiding, so covers were put on as an extra charge. The owner gave me information from the gutter manufacturer stating that wind would blow leaves off the gutter covers. But this doesn’t work when the position of the roof is shielded from the wind. Now we have gutters on which the tree debris piles up. Not at all what we wanted, but Tabor refuses to do anything about it.

The second project was a complete remodeling and finishing of our previously semi-finished basement. Overall, the remodeled basement turned out satisfactory. The bathroom is beautiful and that can be credited to the staff person who helped us choose materials as well as the subcontractor who set the tiles. We are also pleased with the appearance and utility of the storage and display cabinets. However, the process of getting to the overall completion of the project has been difficult and often quite stressful (and, as will be pointed out, more than a year after scheduled completion, there are still problems).

The lead carpenter and project supervisor often didn’t notice when mistakes were made. But we did and pointed them out. There were many punch lists and most of the problems were eventually resolved. We recognize that the basement was a complex project and involved subcontractors, but this made it all the more important to have constant quality control. This is exactly what was lacking. For example, twice the wrong order was placed on the display cabinet doors, which significantly delayed their installation. And then, when they were installed, the glass panels were loose because not all the clips were put in until we pointed out the omission. Since the holes for these clips were pre-drilled, they should have known how many were needed. Even now, a year later, some clips are missing and my requests for them have been disregarded. New double doors were installed on the main level as well as in the basement. But, when first installed, the basement and dining room doors – which had to open in different directions – were switched and had to be taken out and put back in the right places.

When the painting was done, the storage room was left unpainted. The project supervisor told me that the work instructions stated to “drywall only.” Problem was that this was not stated in the signed construction agreement. The wording was added later and I only found out about it by requesting a copy of the instructions given to the workers. This led to a disagreement with the owner who, after I said that we might need arbitration to settle it, agreed to have the room painted. I did not realize until later how angry he was. Yet when he acted very cold toward me on the occasion of giving him the final check, he acknowledged that it was due to that specific incident which had occurred months before. Even a year later, when an unrelated issue arose, he expressed anger about the storage room dispute.

John Tabor stated that, as a result of problems with the first project, a position of Director of Production was created and, near the end of the second project, an individual was hired. This individual worked with us over the ensuing months to deal with various problems and showed a concern and sense of professionalism that we wish had been demonstrated by Tabor workers and others during the prior months. Unfortunately, he was fired a year later, perhaps because he represented the homeowner too well.

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