Of the types of services we evaluate, computer repair shops are among the lowest rated. Our Ratings Tables list some shops that were rated “inferior” overall by more than 25 percent of their surveyed customers.

To get the best repairs at the best price, you need to deal carefully with the shop you use—

  • Try to get price quotes for the work in advance from a few shops. You will find substantial price differences. For instance, we found prices ranging from $95 to $340 to replace the cooling fans in a Lenovo laptop.
  • Provide the shop with a thorough written description of the symptoms prompting the repair visit.
  • Insist on a written estimate before repairs can proceed.
  • Decide whether the computer is really worth repairing—or if it’s time to shell out for a new model.
  • Before paying, get a detailed invoice, including a description of the fix, date, prices for each element of the job, and warranty.
  • Test the device as soon as you get it home, and return it to the shop—or notify the shop in writing immediately—if it’s still not working right.
  • Most computer problems result from software glitches, often caused by viruses and other malware. Our article on how to minimize the chances of hacks can help you prevent many common problems. Below, we also list some DIY fixes to try before calling for professional help.