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Consumer from Leesburg, VA
Sep 07, 2018
Not Recommended
This decorator has worked for my daughter and me before this last experience. All was well, but this go round was a nightmare. Previously, a great selection of silk for custom drapes and bedspreads was on offer and the work was completed perfectly in both homes. However, my re-hire for custom panels and reupholstering an expensive electric recliner was a mistake. It's my fault that the linen panel
material I chose was so temperamental, but I didn't get counseled about the limitations of that fabric for draperies. Google it. Then, the installer literally rolled the 9' panels around on the floor and ladder while trying to hang them with no help, so it was left, indeed, installed, but looking like it had had a dog rolling around on it. Inwas told, "Well, that's linen, and the wrinkles will probably hang out in time." In addition, the one thing I stressed at the selection meeting was that I wanted the pattern repeats to be perfect. They weren't, and it turned out the installer had hung them BACKWARDS, so I was out a huge fee for my building engineer to rehang (and re-wrinkle) them.
My recliner was completely inoperative when the subcontractors brought it back. They came back to "fix" it, but it kept making worse and worse noises over the ensuing months. Finally I called in the head tech of the company who sold me the recliner, and he found heavy metal rods bent, damaged internal fabric and -FIRE HAZARD!-frayed wires that had been DUCT-TAPED!
Avoid this experience at all cost...which will be astronomical.
Consumer from VIENNA, VA
Jul 30, 2015
Works with your ideas and needs rather than forcing their ideas on you. Great professionalism and creativity.
Consumer from VIENNA, VA
Aug 11, 2010