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Consumer from Reston, VA
Jul 14, 2017
Consumer from Herndon, VA
Dec 30, 2013
Consumer from RESTON, VA
Aug 27, 2013
Not Recommended
Major Issues! Please read in detail and see pictures. Clogged HVAC system and Vent Ducts throughout entire home o I left specific instructions not to run the AC when the tiles were being cut as well as when the existing floors were being pulled up, and new floors cut and installed. o I turned off the AC unit at the circuit box to ensure this would not be an issue. When I came back on site to review the work the AC was running. As a result the debris damaged and clogged my HVAC unit and vents. I have pictures showing damage and documentation from the service companies outlining cause Floor Boards Damaged - throughout entire home o All of the home’s base boards throughout the unit were damaged due to the installer using a crowbar to pull up my existing floors. o I have pictures showing damage and documentation from the repair company outlining cause Door Jams Damaged - cut too short o Installer cut all of my door jams too high in order to extract existing floor o I have pictures showing damage and documentation from the repair company outlining cause Dishwasher damaged o Installer pulled up existing tile floor under the dishwasher but left gravel like tile debris under the dishwasher. They did not remove this and it was only discovered after the dishwasher wouldn’t run properly and the bottom plate removed. o I have pictures showing damage and documentation from the repair company outlining cause Bathroom tile floor o Tile floor that was put in was not level and when my porcelain sink was installed my porcelain sink leg did it not fit properly causing it to fall, break and be replaced o I have documentation from the repair company outlining cause Tub Tiled Wall - Bathroom o I had a new tub put in prior to the tub tile wall going up. I had requested several times that the tub be covered while the tile/grout was being installed/applied. o I have pictures documenting the workers standing in the tub with no cover on/over the tub for protection Wood Floors o The laminate wood floors were never brought to my home the day before the install to allow for climate acclimation, nor did they take moisture readings – which I later found out via the independent inspector and manufacturer is standard practice and important for expansion o Gapping in floors was present upon completion of install – when I pointed it out to the owner of Royal Interiors, he said to me and a witness that if three business cards could fit in the gap that this was normal and allowed. I was told by independent inspector and manufacturer it was not normal o The independent inspector report states: “As the gaps were present at the completion of the installation it seems likely that the planks were not fully locked together.” o I have the independent inspection report, as does the owner of Royal interiors When the Owner of Royal Interiors, sent me the final bill for payment, I provided him with written documentation of issues, pictures, and repair invoices on the damage caused by his installers and he did deduct these costs from the final bill. I trusted the owner when he said that the three business card rule was the norm for gapping. However, over time, the floors have continued to increase in the level of its gapping and now in several new places. This prompted me to contact the Owner of Royal Interiors to let him know of the issues I was experiencing with the floors and allow for the one year warranty on install to kickin. The Owner indicated that because I had signed off on the final bill/invoice that took the repair damage costs off the final bill, that he would not be extending his one year warranty to me. Again, the discount on the final bill provided went to pay for all of the documented, invoiced, damage his installers created and the time away from work to remedy the situation – The owner did not note on the final bill nor communicate that this would void his one year warranty. Upon notice of this new information from the Owner, I contacted the manufacturer to see if they could assist. The Manufacturer paid for an independent contractor to come out and inspect the floors and then felt so bad about the issues I was experiencing that they offered (I have this in writing) to replace all of the materials for free, but I would need to pay for labor on the install. I went out and got an independent quote for cost on labor to install new floors that came in around $2900.00. Royal Interiors Owner indicated that he would not cover the full labor of the install (as his warranty should cover) and that he would offer me $500.00 to apply towards the pull up (only) of the floors. I’m stunned. Based on all the issues I have experienced and continue to experience, I would not recommend working with this store and plan to continue to pursue this issue.

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