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Take Charge of Your Healthcare

Take charge by selecting the best doctors and other providers and making decisions about your medical care. Here's how. Read more...

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How to Find the Best Doctors

The most important thing you can do to assure yourself high-quality medical care is to form a strong relationship with a good primary care physician and, at times, together make informed decisions on specialty care. Read more...

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Does It Matter If Your Doctor Is Board Certified?

We advise consumers to select physicians who are “board certified,” and we report on board certification status in our ratings tables. We describe here what board certification means and why it is important. Read more...

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Doing Your Own Medical Research

You can find an enormous amount of medical information online. We list here several useful sites that will help you do your own medical research. Read more...

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Get the Most Out of Your Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical and health records open the potential power of digital information—fast, easily accessible, and quickly shareable among the various doctors treating you—to help you and your doctors make better healthcare decisions. Read more...