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  • Alexandria
  • Anne Arundel Co.
  • Arlington Co.
  • DC–NE
  • DC–NW
  • DC–SE
  • DC–SW
  • Fairfax Co.
  • Howard Co.
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Prince George's Co.

Consumer Comments for Great Scott Moving

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Consumer from Arlington, VA
Sep 21, 2018
Great Scott packed and moved our family of four across Arlington on the two coldest days in January. We had gotten estimates from three movers that were highly rated in Checkbook. Scott, the owner, came to our house to do the estimate himself. He was extraordinarily friendly and helpful, providing us a lot of advice about how to make the move go smoothly and save time and money. Great Scott's estimate turned out to be the lowest of the three, even with our upright piano (they did not charge extra for the piano, while the other companies had said they would) and our special request to swap the refrigerators between the old and new houses. Scott also said his folks could take apart our large Ikea pieces that would not fit through doorways fully assembled, and put them back together in their new locations; the other companies said they normally didn't do that because Ikea furniture wasn't really made to be taken apart and put back together.
Two crew members, Earl and Gus, came the day before the move to pack the stuff we hadn't gotten to yet (and it was a lot). That evening their truck wouldn't start because of the cold, and jumpstarting didn't work, so I ordered pizza while they waited for another employee, Sheik, to come from Maryland to get them. They were very apologetic even though they were the ones inconvenienced.
In the morning, Earl, Gus and Sheik were back to do the move. It was a very long and very cold day and evening, but the guys were unfailingly professional throughout. At the end of the night when they were leaving and I was heading to the 24-hour grocery, I discovered ice on the road all around my car (we later learned a water main had burst nearby). The guys were taking off in the truck, but they saw my wheels spinning, stopped and got out of the truck to push me off the ice. Both the packing and the moving took a few hours longer than estimated so our cost was more than the estimate, but it was *still* lower than the other two estimates. I hope we never have to move again, but if we do, Great Scott is who we will call.
Consumer from Rockville, MD
Sep 06, 2018
All the furnishings/possessions in a 2,000 square foot house moved without any item missing or damaged, and the move completed faster than estimated. Highly recommended.
Consumer from Washington, DC
Jul 11, 2018
I got good advice about how much I should take (and get rid of), cost of having their boxes delivered and lower cost alternatives, and the many other questions that came up as I prepared to move in a very short time after 42 years in a house. Their workers were efficient, nice, and noted issues when I wanted to put furniture in a place that would cause problems. I recommend them.

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