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Consumer from Washington, DC area
Jul 27, 2011
Not Recommended
NV built our house in 1988. We are still in it and have plenty of experience with the house. Overall the construction quality was barely adequate to shoddy. A FEW examples of poor quality construction that cost us a great deal of money and many headaches over the intervening years include: built on a poorly drained lot, improperly excavated and filled, leading to associated water problems and uneven settling; cheap stone-gravel-wood entry soon had to be replaced; 4x8' sheets of roofing plywood were tacked down with only two nails each in opposing corners; improperly constructed and sealed chimney leaked; a great deal of waste rock and various construction materials were buried in the yard areas; the seals on 23 panes of double insulated glass have failed; poorly sealed joins between wood trim and brick or siding required extensive resealing and painting to prevent leaks; door and windows were poorly sealed and many were improperly installed leading to water leaks and damage to drywall and wooden frames; small gutters and downspouts clogged easily and frequently; undersized and cheap dryer vent clogged easily; cheap stove vent vented poorly and was improperly installed; bathroom shower tile was mounted directly on drywall and water leaked through the floor and then through the ceilings below; bathroom vent fans are cheap and mounted improperly with the result that they don’t adequately vent bathrooms and also leak hot or cold attic air into the house; plumbing fixtures poorly sealed and leak into bases below sinks; bathroom sinks drain slowly and plumbers have been unable to diagnose or fix the problem; toilet was defective, would not flush properly, and one had to be replaced; electrical wiring in walls often has been found to have broken insulation with bare copper wire exposed; one of two telephone wires never worked; fireplace tiles were pointed with grout that was not fire resistant; heating and air conditioning equipment was low quality and began failing within two; sump pump was broken from the beginning and the bottom of the sump was full of construction debris. None of these problems were discovered within the 12 month warranty period. And, after the warranty expired, NV had no use for us. The good news is that the house is still standing and 23 years of continuous effort and a great deal of money have brought it up to the standards that Fairfax County should have required of a new home. We don’t know if new-home building standards and (or) inspections in Fairfax County continue to be a joke.
Consumer from NEWINGTON, VA
Nov 26, 2010
Consumer from CHANTILLY, VA
Jul 07, 2010
Not Recommended

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