After you have purchased your plants, take a few final precautions. First, get a receipt. The receipt should include—

  • Common name and Latin name of each plant.
  • Size and grade of each plant.
  • Number purchased.
  • Date.
  • Price of each plant.
  • Guarantee (duration; whether it covers costs of delivery and planting; percentage of cost covered and whether percentage is based on original purchase price or price at the time of replacement; what customer must do to keep the guarantee in force).

If you plan to have the plants delivered, the receipt should indicate delivery date, delivery charge (if any), and planting charges (if applicable).

If plants will be delivered, have the store tag them. To be extra cautious on major purchases, take pictures of your selections; otherwise, it may be hard to argue that the store has delivered the wrong plant.

Before leaving the store, make sure you have obtained the following information on each plant you buy, and retain it as long as you have the plant—

  • Latin name and common name of the plant—you’ll need them to get advice on the plant months or years later.
  • How to plant it—size and depth of hole, whether to fertilize and stake, recommended soil for planting hole.
  • Desirable amount of sun and specifications for drainage.
  • Proper care—pruning, feeding, and spraying requirements.
  • Whether you can expect fruit or flowers.