1. You tell us the make, model, and style of the vehicle you wish to lease, along with the lease term (24, 36, or 48 months), and the yearly mileage you desire. (Texas customers: before proceeding you must read a special note by clicking here.)
  2. We will then get at least five dealers in your area to bid against one another to lease that make, model, and style of vehicle for that term and mileage. Each dealer commits to a markup or markdown from factory invoice cost. Any additional fees or mandatory add-ons are itemized and fully disclosed.
  3. We verify the terms of each dealer's recommended lease plan, as well as any lower cost lease plans, found through our data analysis, available at each of the bidding dealers. All the pertinent numbers are confirmed. These include:
    1. Money factor or APR
    2. Residual percentage
    3. Miles per year included
    4. Fee for contracted excess mileage
    5. Fee for un-contracted excess mileage
    6. Assignment fees
    7. Gap coverage
    8. And much more...
  4. We send you a report that includes:
    • Dealer quotes sheets, which show how much above (or below) factory invoice cost each dealer has agree to sell/lease the vehicle, and the name of the manager responsible for the commitment.
    • Factory invoice cost information for your type of vehicle.
    • Detailed financial terms for each Dealer's Recommended Lease Plan and, if different, the lowest cost lease plan available at each dealership
    • An index table that shows you how each dealer's quote compares for lowest monthly payment--and for total cost, if you decide to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease.
    • A detailed worksheet that allows you to calculate your monthly lease payment (minus tags, taxes, and title) for the vehicle equipped the way you want.
    • Information on each lease plan's contract provisions for early termination, disposition fees, end of lease purchase options, insurance requirements, default, excess wear and tear, and more.
    • A rough valuation of any used vehicle trade-in (based on a description you have given us).
    • An explanation of any available manufacturer-to-customer rebates.
    • Other useful information on the language of leasing, extended service contract pros and cons, and low cost service contract options.
  5. You call the bidding dealership of your choice, speak with the manager responsible for your quote, and make arrangements to execute your lease.