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Consumer Maven writes:
Unless you are an aggressively objective shopper, you should absolutely [buy the CarBargains service] before completing a new car purchase. It could easily pay for itself just in the savings you will realize on dealer-installed options. (Read full blog entry)
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...Because I'm a bit of a skeptic (and you have a guarantee that says that if I can beat the prices that you found, I can get my fee back from you), I have been doing my own online research. I have also contacted other buying services from organizations that I belong to (USAA, MVCP, and UBS). None of my research or the other (free to me) services produced the results that CarBargains did. My own negotiations and "internet" pricing was pathetic compared to what you found...Now I'm a believer. We will definitely recommend you to friends and use your services again.
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Thanks very much for the CarBargains report. We found the vehicle we wanted and had no problems getting the quote honored. The model is tough to find and most everyone who had one wanted full MSRP or more, so it seems we saved about $3500. Having the CarBargains report certainly made the process more enjoyable!
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