Money Magazine
... MONEY [had] correspondents in five cities comparison shop three internet buyers [Auto-by-tel, AutoVantage, and CarPoint] vs. CarBargains. The result: In nine out of ten comparisons, the lowest CarBargains bid beat the lowest Internet bid, even after adding in the service fee.

Kiplinger’s Buyer’s Guide The New Cars
CarBargains has gotten lower quotes than other car-buying services in several consumer tests.

Mark Eskeldsen, What Car Dealers Don’t Want You To Know
[CarBargains] not only produces a good price, it also spares the consumer the hassles and high-pressure sales tactics.

ABC News,20/20
CarBargains, a non-profit buying service, got the best deal - $3,000 off the sticker price.

Money Magazine
While the warehouse clubs consistently knocked at least $500 off the list price, CarBargains beat them in nine out of 10 comparisons by margins ranging from $270 to $1,350, even after adding in the $150 service fee.

Motor Trend
CarBargains delivered the best new-car price in our search.

Jack Gillis, The Car Book
We believe it’s a great value.