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Consumer from Springfield, VA
Sep 29, 2018
Consumer from Falls Church, VA
Sep 15, 2018
Not Recommended
Marshall did three jobs for us. Roofing, gutters and siding or the eaves. The first two jobs were very well done but the siding work was totally unacceptable and we refuse to pay for it. We were never able to get Marshall to accept our complaints although they did take some money off the price of the siding work. They did not follow the specification in the contract, old sheathing was removed but not replaced. Vinyl siding was directly attached to the studs. Nails and paint chips covered the lawn and flower bed and were never cleaned up.
Consumer from ALEXANDRIA, VA
Nov 21, 2017
I needed siding installed following the loss of several pieces during a storm in April 2017. In the course of doing the project I decided to also replace 5 encasement windows, a bay window and 4 double-hung windows. All wood trim was wrapped as part of the contract.
I began gathering estimates in May. There was one other bid besides the one from Marshalls that I entertained. I rejected a third bid fairly quickly. Of the two remaining, I choose Marshalls because of the responsiveness of its representative, Doug McCleaf, the price, and the fact that they did not require a deposit of any kind.
After submitting the proposal to my HOA, they requested that I provide a physical sample of the color of the shutters preferably that day but no later than the next morning (when I was due in at work at 6 am).
I e-mailed Doug at 1:07 pm on 12 July to see if he could assist me in any way. Doug responded to me at 2:20 pm that his colleague, Cindy, would drop off the sample in an hour. The sample was waiting on my door step when I arrived home at 3 pm. Cindy had even wrapped the particular color sample in a blue sheet of paper so I wouldn't be confused as to which sample was the correct one.
I was very impressed with how both Doug and Cindy went above and beyond in accommodating my need. Had I not been able to meet the HOA's demand the project would have been delayed another month. What makes this more extraordinary to me is that I had not yet signed the contract!
The HOA approved the work on 20 July and I signed the contracts for both siding and windows on 21 July. Work was delayed while I awaited a judgment from my homeowner’s insurance company, which was rendered in my favor in order for the work to commence in September.
The windows were installed first. Unfortunately, 3 of the 5 encasement windows were defective through no fault of Marshalls. Their supplier had never failed them in the past a single time let alone three. Since the old windows had already been removed—the suppliers track record was such that there was no reason to think that windows would not work so the opening mechanism was not tried beforehand—it was necessary to put them back in place and temporarily seal the gaps around them until new windows could arrive. There was also a defect in the glass of one of the double-hungs. Marshall worked with their supplier and all problems were remedied to my satisfaction.
The siding installation also presented challenges. On the outside things went well and looked great. I liked what I saw particularly the detail around outside spigots and electrical outlets. On the inside, however, a significant amount of damage was done to the drywall with a significant number of nail pops. Again, I was told that Marshalls had never encountered such damage during a siding installation before. I showed some of the damage to the Don, supervisor of the window installation crew, who took the message back to Doug. I also emailed Doug pictures of some of the damage, who indicated “…we have never had anything remotely close to the amount of nail pops as Don described and are shown in your picture.” Doug shared the pictures with owner Troy Marshall who was unwilling to walk away even though the contract I signed clearly stated that they were not responsible for precisely this type of damage. They sent a contractor to repair all the damaged drywall and prepped the surfaces so that I would simply need to paint it. I found this arrangement to be quite acceptable.
To summarize, the price for the work was reasonable and no down payment was required. Doug and Cindy went above and beyond at the last minute to get me the information I needed to present to the HOA. Finally, although significant problems were encountered during the jobs, Marshall ensured that when all was said and done that I was satisfied with the end results. For these reasons, I rate them as superior overall.

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