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Consumer from Takoma Park, MD
Feb 20, 2019
The workers were very courteous and conscientious. They went above and beyond to keep our house clean as possible while keeping us informed. They also were very honest in advising me when I wrote a check for too much. Our house is much more comfortable this winter and we are using less energy. Great job!
Consumer from Bethesda, MD
Nov 25, 2018
Energy Efficiency Experts was one of the best companies I've ever dealt with. Their performance, which involved addressing insulation problems in an attic, was excellent. They also found a small attic that I wasn't aware of. The crew was great about everything and left the work areas in a very neat condition. I thought their charge was on the high side, but with the Pepco rebate, wasn't too bad. I would recommend them to anyone.
Consumer from WASHINGTON, DC
Jun 28, 2015
I highly recommend Energy Efficiency Experts, and the owner, Pascale Maslin, for energy home audits, as well as the installation of baffles, insulation and air sealing. Energy Efficiency Experts is one of the few companies that is authorized by the DC Sustainable Energy Utility to perform this work, and homeowners can receive up to $1,600 in rebates through September 30, 2015. It is noteworthy that the companies with the lowest prices, some of whom get the highest ratings on Checkbook, are not authorized to perform this work, and if you hire them, you will not receive the rebates. It is important to note that if insulation is installed wrong, as explained below, considerable damage can be done to your home. This is one service where you want to hire a company that is competent, and not necessarily the cheapest in price.

Pascale is clearly one of the very best companies in terms of her expertise and quality of work in the greater Washington DC area, and I highly recommend her services. Maslin performed an energy audit of my home, and her written report was very comprehensive and identified all of the issues in my 50 year old home.

The key issue in the installation of blown-in insulation is the location of the vents in the soffits and eaves, and to prevent blown-in insulation from clogging those vents — which will absolutely happen with blown-in insulation unless steps are taken to prevent it. The vents perform a critical function by allowing a free flow of air which lengthens the life of your roof, and prevents the formation of ice dams in the winter. In the vents are blocked, serious damage can occur, both from ice dams as well as mold in your attic. Equally important is air sealing of the top plates, walls, and lights that penetrate the attic. In the case of my home, if the job had been done wrong, it could have only been corrected by literally removing the roof, shingles and plywood in order to fix the problem.

I was a bit concerned when I realized that Pascal would not personally supervise the installation of baffles to keep the vents clear, as well as the blowing in of the insulation. I quickly realized that there was no basis for my concern. The job was supervised by a member of Pascale’s staff, Brendan. Brendan was clearly well trained by Pascale, as he did an incredible job, and he was in the attic the entire time with the crew personally supervising the air sealing of the attic, as well as the installation of the baffles. My home has a very low roof, and almost no clearance within the attic. To reach the end of the attic and the soffits is an incredibly difficult job, with clearance of less than a foot. Brendan and the crew did a remarkable job in a very tight attic and in difficult circumstances. To reach those areas Brendan and the crew literally crawled through 50 year old insulation and dust, in a hot attic, on their stomachs.

After the insulation was blown in, I installed a new roof and shingles. As part of that the roofer discovered that all of the plywood across the front of my house was rotten and had to be replaced, probably due to ice dams in the winter. The removal of the plywood allowed me to physically verify where the vents were, and verify that Pascale’s crew had properly installed the baffles and done a first rate job. Pascale even sent Brendan back to double check the insulation and baffles when the rotten plywood was removed, and that was clearly going above and beyond the call of duty.

If you want the cheapest job possible, some of the companies that receive the highest number of ratings on Checkbook charge considerably less. One of them quoted a price of $150 for air sealing and $100 for installation of baffles. Those prices are simply absurd given how labor intensive this work is, especially if it is done correctly. The low prices reflect what would be the quality of their work, and I am not surprised that they are not authorized for rebates through the DC program.

In light of the fact that air sealing and insulation is done only once, hire a competent company and do the job right the first time. That company is Energy Efficiency Experts and Pascale Maslin.