Most bedrooms in older American homes feature single slender closets equipped with one rod. But these days—thanks to cheaper clothing, bigger houses, and, well, just too much stuff—many new homes come with supersized closets. Whether you have an overblown wardrobe or live in a vintage place with charming-but-itty-bitty closets, a lot of companies are looking to help you transform your storage areas from inefficient and sloppy to neat, space-maximizing, and, most of all, time-saving.

While we generally recommend buying less and periodically purging or reselling your unwanted stuff (click here for lots of ideas for doing that), you still need somewhere to hang your hats, put your pants, and, for some of us, stash our 25 vintage winter coats. Ideally, closet systems not only clean up your act, they also help you get dressed more quickly and buy fewer things. The idea? You won’t have to replace a lost or forgotten pair of black pumps if you can locate them easily.

Here’s help with finding a great closet organizer at a great price, including tips on DIY options.