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Consumer from ROCKVILLE, MD
Jan 10, 2008
The owner of EAI has authored a book "Stop! Don't plan a wedding without this book." Having read Ms Weatherly's book, I added her firm to the ranks of those Wedding planners I planned to interview. The planner I interviewed, and eventually hired, was Sara Muchnick.

Having interviewed several planners, I was struck by the 'I'd say anything for you to hire me' attitude during these interviews. Ms. Muchnick had the sagacity to let me know that I was looking at an unrealistic floral budget for my expectations. She let me know nicely, but I realized then that she knew what she was talking about, and wouldn't just glaze over any trouble spots, but would help me deal with them before they became issues down the road. Hired immediately.

Recommended vendors were each stellar, within budget, and extremely personal to work with. I prefered to support smaller local companies, where the staff really has a joint interest in making sure everything comes off beautifully. Ms Muchnick was spot-on with her contacts and recommendations.

Throughout the wedding, Ms Muchnick and an assistant were there to assist where necessary, always helping things flow effortlessly. Afterwards, only my sisters (bridesmaids) were even aware that she was there, and helping to coordinate. They were behind the scenes, but always there when necessary. Nobody even noticed their presence!

I found EAI to be a professional, well connected and consistely supportive (and easy to contact) firm. They were able to provide exactly the service I needed, and did a great job. I would not have been nearly as relaxed and enjoy my wedding celebration if they were not there throughout. Well worth their weight in gold.
Consumer from WASHINGTON, DC
Aug 22, 2007
Not Recommended
My experience was limited to one particular planner at this business. She seemed good at first, but as my wedding approached, it became painfully clear that she hadn't listened to anything we had told her. She made many inexplicable mistakes, and badly mismanaged our wedding. We would have been so much better off had we simply gone without a planner. We explained this to her boss and got our money back, but we can't replace what was lost.
Consumer from Washington, DC area
Aug 08, 2007
Mrs. Weatherly is knowledgeable, accessable, and never too busy to deal with problems, inquiries, or plain reassurance.
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