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Consumer Comments for Liberty Painting

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Consumer from Washington, DC
Aug 08, 2018
Not Recommended
Bottom line: I would not even consider letting anyone from this company in my home again to fix their poor workmanship.

My wife hired Liberty Painting to paint the entire second floor of our townhome. She found them on Yelp, where they had lots of good reviews. In hindsight, I don’t believe the reviews are real. (This was before I found Checkbook, which I’ve found very helpful since.) The entire experience with them was terrible, from scheduling to work quality. Below I provide some examples, but this isn’t even an exhaustive list.

?   We agreed on a start date, which they ultimately rescheduled. This was a problem because we had subsequently scheduled a flooring company to come in and work 1.5 weeks after the painting was to be complete. That is, we didn’t schedule back-to-back in case something went wrong. And we did make it very clear to them from the beginning that the dates we agreed on were firm. I was skeptical, because it was a lot of work for a short amount of time, but they repeatedly said in response to my concerns that it would be no problem, and that they had a large crew. Ultimately, they didn’t honor the agreed upon dates, and rescheduled to complete the job the day before flooring company started. This created a headache for us.

?   They said they’d have something like 10 guys working simultaneously over the course of about a week. I never saw more than 3 workers, until the last workday. (I worked from home and was at the house all day.) And as we got close to the end date they still had *a lot* of work to complete. Here I raised my concerns again, but only until the last day did they show up with a full crew. That day they worked late, probably until midnight, which was disruptive not only for us but our neighbors. (Think 10 guys working and you are trying to sleep in bed on the other side of the wall.)

?   The quality of the work looks like a last-minute job, done after dark. They painted over electrical plugs, light switches, did not bother to take out unused wall anchors or apply filler where necessary, yet also missed a lot of spots that they should have painted. They left paint on our hardwood floors, as well as our exterior front porch on the way out.

I could go on, but ultimately the point is that they were disorganized, unresponsive to concerns, did very poor work, and did a terrible job at not getting paint everywhere it shouldn’t be.
Consumer from Silver Spring, MD
Jan 09, 2016
Good price and quality work
Consumer from ALEXANDRIA, VA
Aug 29, 2015
They painted three bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchen for me. Luis was great to deal with, very professional and customer service-oriented. The painters were polite and did good work.