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Areas Served by Fairfax Transfer & Storage:

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington Co.
  • DC–NE
  • DC–NW
  • DC–SE
  • DC–SW
  • Fairfax Co.
  • Loudoun Co.
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Prince George's Co.
  • Prince William Co.

Consumer Comments for Fairfax Transfer & Storage

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Consumer from ALEXANDRIA, VA
Aug 19, 2016
Very professional and ressonable
Consumer from ARLINGTON, VA
Jun 18, 2015
I used to love Fairfax Transfer and Storage. Now I merely think they're okay. I can't really say whether I'd use them again.

Two years ago I hired FTS to move me from House A to House B and to a storage unit. Last week I hired them to do the same move in reverse. The first time I loved them. The second time was not a pleasant experience.

The Friday morning started out with me answering the door and the lead guy (foreman?) complaining about the parking I reserved on our tiny street on Capitol Hill (one might think introducing himself before complaining would be a better way to get things off on the right foot). It was about 3 or so car lengths from our front door. This is the same guy in the same size truck in the exact same parking spot I had two years ago and then no one complained. First he asked me if I could get my neighbors to move their cars (!), which I couldn't because I have no idea who owns what car. Then he suggested that he drive the wrong way down our one-way, one-lane street and park on the wrong side of the road. I told him that was fine with me but that my street near the Capitol is heavily patrolled and he'd likely get a ticket. FTS had moved me into that house and knows the tight parking, and no one was forcing them to take my business a 2nd time.

The guys worked very hard and I felt bad for them because it was above 90 degrees and humid with no breeze. A most unpleasant day to be working that hard.

When we arrived at House A it was clear things were not going well. Two of the guys started getting sick and one guy threw his back out. I felt really bad for them, offering water and soda throughout the day, telling the guy with the back issue he should sit in the cool house rather the truck, and asking if he needed medical attention.

So my problem was NOT with the movers being unable to go on, but rather with one of the owners. By around 4 pm it was clear they were not going to be physically capable of getting to the 10 X 15 storage unit about 2 miles from my house. So I called the owner and he said he was working on scheduling what had now become Day 2 of what was supposed to be a one-day move. His first offer was "what are you doing Monday?" (!!!) "Working," I said. His second offer was "how about a week from tomorrow?"

Our back-and-forth went on for a while through several phone calls. I had to be very insistent and push quite hard before he agreed to do it the next day. "It's a Saturday in June, I just don't have the capacity," he said.

I'm sorry guys, but that's really not my problem. We had a verbal contract for you to do this in one day. I was being gracious in letting you extend to two days, and your offer is a Monday or a Saturday 8 days away?? I could have insisted that they find a way to finish that Friday by bringing in another crew or whatever, but I was trying to be a good guy about it.

I should not have had to push so hard to get them to move me the next day rather than a work day or 8 days later. And they never should have offered such silly solutions. This was a no-brainer, and they should have found a way to do it without me having to argue with them.

I'll add that they did make some adjustment to the bill but, frankly, not enough to justify the way they handled this.
Consumer from ARLINGTON, VA
Nov 29, 2012
I have used Fairfax Transfer twice for locals moves in the last two years and I cannot praise them highly enough. They are efficient, punctual and careful and reasonably priced.

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